The city of kiel police department is a wisconsin law enforcement accredited core standards law enforcement agency that provides 24 hour police coverage for the citizens of kiel. (1)


It is the mission of the City of Kiel Police Department to forge a relationship with the members of our community in order to work in a cooperative effort with the clear goal and objective to reduce crime, protect the rights of our citizens, protect property from theft or damage, and preserve the public peace, while serving as role models for our community.

Our officers have sworn an oath to
"Protect and Serve"
Protection of our citizens, employees, and visitors from harm, criminal activity, and from any disruption to the established quality of life enjoyed here in the City of Kiel.
Service to our community through the implementation of proactive and aggressive policing programs coupled with modern technology and community cooperation.
Service to our police employees by providing them with a safe work environment, qualified training, excellent equipment and by developing our organization to serve as a role model in the field of law enforcement as demonstrated by our efforts to excel in our chosen profession so as to build and maintain a high level of professionalism and job related competency.