Frequently Asked Questions...


Why did I get a letter stating I need to repair/replace my sidewalk?
The Kiel Municipal Ordinance 8.02 details sidewalk construction and repair, as well as guidelines for the annual sidewalk inspection. It is the City's responsibility to enforce the city ordinance, keep sidewalks in compliance, promote public safety, as well as reduce accidents and liability.

How do I know which sections of my sidewalk need to be repaired/replaced?
Sidewalks that are cracked, split, or otherwise damaged must be replaced. Slabs that are either raised or lowered with a 3/4 inch or greater edge can be repaired by mudjacking. If you would like the City to mark which sidewalk cakes need to be repaired or replaced, contact the City Administrator at (920) 894-2909. For further specifications on sidewalks that require repair or replacement, check out Kiel Municipal Ordinance 8.02(7).

When does my sidewalk have to be replaced/repaired?
Notice should be given to the City no later than December 15th, 2019 indicating who will be performing the work. The sidewalk work must then be completed by August 15th, 2020. If either of these dates are missed, the City may by itself or by its agent perform the sidewalk repair/replacement and charge the cost of the work to the abutting property owner.

Who will do the sidewalk work?
Property owners may either hire a private contractor to perform the required sidewalk work or do the work themselves. If property owners do not want to hire a private contractor or do the work themselves, there is the option to have the City contractor complete the work and then be billed for it at a later date.

If either I or a contractor replaces my sidewalk, do I need a permit?
Yes - permits are required. Sidewalk repair permits are free, and available at Kiel City Hall, 621 Sixth Street.